Friday, January 31, 2014

Critique on "Sarah's Synopsis"

This film is about a woman’s conflicting identities and negotiating her way through these to come to terms with both in a balanced union. In one she is bound in her role that is prescribed for her and struggles to free herself. In the other, she is content in her role, accepting it and identifying her femininity with it. Whether accepting or rejecting, these roles are defined for her by culture and society. Isolated from the culture, what would be her true identity? This is one aspect of identity represented in the film.
The two split sides of her personality come together and merge into one. She sheds both and goes out in the world to find her true identity. The split within a person can refer to many aspects of a personality. It could be representative of a struggle to balance her conflicting desires or aspirations, her shadow and ego, the spiritual and mental dimensions of her personality, her place in the two cultures of the East and West.
As the two conflicting sides of her personality find their way to light, they come together in harmony. She reaches an understanding and awareness of herself as she assimilates all the traits in a balance within herself. This symbolizes a form of rebirth or reaching a new level of awareness and growth.
Resolving the conflicts within herself, shedding the roles prescribed from outside, reaching a new level of self awareness that is not defined by cultural identity but a person’s authentic identity, she moves forward emerging from darkness into light, like a person reborn.
Life’s most destructive and challenging experiences that one has to navigate, also forces one to confront the struggles and reach a higher level of awareness. The setting of the woods with ruptured, fallen trees and destruction in nature concurrent with growth makes it an apt setting for the film. Woods and nature also makes it a neutral setting not defined by any culture or society. It also refers to true identity being found in connecting with one’s true nature or the force that runs through all life forms. Trees also reference growth, strength, and awareness. Fallen trees represent the many downfalls or metaphorical deaths through which one rises each time and continues on the journey.
The film therefore represents a woman’s psychological struggle to achieve balance through many trials she faces in life in the process of self-actualization.
Write a brief narrative to give the setting and background of your potential film
  • Use clear and simple language. Keep it to a few sentences, giving the reader a feel for the film without details.
            The film is set in the woods with fallen trees and branches scattered in parts of the woods. It starts at dusk/night with the figures moving through the woods in parallel shots or shots in alternate sequence. They get closer and the two merge into one. As they move closer, the woods begin to get lit gradually and they merge in a stream or halo of light in a close up shot. One figure is wrapped in scarlet semi-transparent fabric and the other in royal blue. They merge to form a person in translucent white with the fabric trapping shed and the body emerging.
Provide a brief sketch of the main character(s)
  • Give the reader some idea about their gender, age, occupation, physical characteristics and basic personality traits.
  • Briefly explain the main conflict the character faces in the film.

            The main character is a young female (from 20-mid thirties) but you can’t tell the precise age because she is wrapped and covered in fabric. She is of medium height and slender. The specific personality traits and occupation are not disclosed because she represents an archetype of female experience.
            However, the hypothetical character would be a female in early or mid thirties but slender and young looking. She has lived and grown up in two contrasting cultures of the east and the west. Her identity most of her life was defined by her eastern culture where she was raised to fulfill the role of a submissive wife serving her husband and family. As she migrates into the new culture and continues with her role, her prescribed identity comes into question when removed from the culture. She goes through many trials and leaves her husband to rescue herself and her children.
            As she plunges into a new life by herself, every aspect of her identity begins to fall apart. She has left the role and identity defined by a husband, family, and culture. Free to define her own identity, she is faced with many dilemmas, conflicting desires, aspirations, and choices. She is neither completely defined by the eastern values or the western altogether, one culture versus the other, one gender role versus the other, one code of behavior and place in society versus the other. Yet they are all a part of her. Who is she outside of all the definitions she has always identified with?
            She becomes aware of all the contradictory conflicts and struggles within a person in the process of learning and becoming. Balancing all the contradictions within is how she can meet her true self. The process of growth at its highest level of existence leads to enlightenment and achieving balance. This is one step of resolution in the process.

Describe the main plot and how the main character is involved.
  • Make sure it has a beginning, middle, climax and end.

            The story starts with a woman wrapped in fabric. There are 2 versions of the same woman, one wrapped in scarlet red lace, and the other in royal blue. Each rises from under the layer of fabric lit from underneath and as she moves up, the fabric wraps around her, clinging to her and binding her like a web. Each begins a dance. The scarlet woman is pushing the fabric off her and trying to free herself of it. The blue woman is dancing serenely with the fabric flowing smoothly with her movements.
            Both begin a journey through the woods. The come across many obstacles, fallen trees on the way, paths overgrown with twigs and branches that they walk through as they continue to make their way out. They start getting closer and closer to the viewer from the deep, dark parts of the woods into a gradually more lit and open space. The film follows their journey.
            They both move closer toward each other from the different directions and in the end merge together into one person. The fabrics shed and fall away and the person underneath is covered in translucent sheer covering move up and out into the light. It changes from night to dawn and it ends with the figure dancing in the light.
Include a few details about flashbacks, special effects or major action scenes.
  • but only enough to convey the general flavor of the film. Use only details that are important to the plot.

Special effects would be dramatic, high contrast lighting, angle of views, time of the day changing from night to dawn, split scenes or parallel scenes one screen for some scenes, merging of the two figures and light emanating from the final figure.
Music would create the drama and mood. Instrumental music with sitar and tablas could be used for this. There could be an ending song.
The effects would be used to create mystery.
Finish your synopsis with a clear idea of how the film ends.
  • Leave the reader satisfied, yet wanting to know more.
    The film ends with a woman in some sheer translucent white fabric with her silhouette slightly blurred and her form giving an ethereal effect, shrouded in light, making her look translucent. She dances up and out of the blue and red colored fabrics and emerges translucent looking and rising in a beam of light with her long hair flowing around her, like some image of Venus rising. Like a light-footed fairy with some element of magic or supernatural, she begins to do a swirling dance. It ends with the person fading away and the music playing.

Impact - 6. I was left thinking about a movie called, "Disturbia" where there are split personalities conflicting with each other. I feel like this is more of a character description rather than a film. I really don't get the goal and the theme is pretty clear.

Clarity - The story isn't very clear because it was hard to break up what was the story and what was meant to just describe the character. the setting and backgrounds are of course spot on and the character seemed to have some personal goal set.

Potential - I think the story itself is incomplete and there is lots of room for an actual story, its just not as clear. 

Overall Feedback - I would basically just work on the story aspect because the character description is over powering what your wanting the story to look and be.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Synopsis of Short Film

            Here we have Justice. He is in his mid twenties and he works at "We Can Have It," which is a shipping company. He works with his best friend Jay. Jay is slightly older and Justice thinks of him as a brother. Both are always at work each and every day. Their coworkers aren't so enthusiastic about coming to work every day and doing their job like they are supposed to. Their supervisor doesn't recognize Justice and Jay for their outstanding work ethnics, and always lets their coworkers do pretty much whatever they want.

            After a hard week of work Justice and Jay decide that they want to take Friday off since they are so tired. They tell their supervisor the plan, but the plan does not approve and strongly considers them to not take off because they are needed at work. Justice and Jay get upset with the answer and ask once more. The supervisor does not budge. Jay tells Justice that they should just take off anyways and that they will be fine and won't get fired for taking one day off. Come Friday, they are nowhere to be found at work. The supervisor gets angry and writes the two up and mails them their walking papers. Not knowing what has happened Jay and Justice spend their free Friday playing video games and relaxing. Refreshed and feeling a whole lot better, the two go back to work Monday. All seems well when they arrive and the supervisor doesn't say anything to them. They work hard the whole week, back to doing what they do best. Friday once again, but they already planned on staying for work this time. They both check their mailboxes and find a letter from their job. Justice opens his letter and reads it. He is disgusted and unimaginably angry with what has just happened. He calls Jay to tell him the news. Jay tells him that he too got the letter. They learned that their unreasonable supervisor had fired them the Friday they took off and that they had worked the whole week without pay. Jay wanted to go up to the job and cause havoc on the place and especially toward their old boss, but Justice insisted that it wasn't worth it and that they will find work somewhere else. Jay didn't want to hear it and begun his onslaught. Justice had an idea and brought the situation to the manager. After of which the manager took quick action and fired the supervisor immediately. The manager then hired Justice back and made him the supervisor. He asked about Jay, but the manager refused because of Jay's earlier expedition. Though sad about his best friend, he is grateful to be working again and now gets to do things the way he thought the job should have ran in the first place.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Project 1 Development Brainstorm and Reading

I wanted to create a character that was simple and was easy to relate to the norm. I decided to go with a girl named Mercedes that would unknowingly get help from someone she is close to and not even realize it. I think a lot of people had that moment when somebody was trying to help them and they were oblivious to it or thought they knew best. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rule of Thirds

I noticed that the main character was centered  followed by the secondary character to the side and then the main character's shadow is placed to the other side of the Rule of Thirds.

All characters are positioned on the sides and not the center.

I was watching the movie The Watch. I took several shots and these scenes interested me the most.

Focal Length

Standard Lens


Standard Lens


Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle Lens

Aperture Size/ F-Stop

Here are some examples I found of Shallow DOF and Deep DOF. The Shallow is more focused on a center subject, while in the deep there is more information being showed within the photo.