Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Goal Statement For Screenplay

        I am hoping to make the viewers laugh and feel bad for the characters as they go through each situation. I want them to feel like they are in the film themselves and wonder what they would do if something so crazy just happened to them. I want them leaving with a smile and a feeling of being glad that wasn't me type of feeling.

Plot Outline

Act I
What happens in Act I (Setup)?

Exposition-- Its early Friday mid-June in Memphis, TN. Jay and Rick wake up and both are called by their girlfriends. They inform them that it is time for them to take a vacation to Brazil and need them to take off the following week. They agree and tell them that they have nothing to worry about. Jay and Rick get to work later that day. They have been slaving all night moving heavy packages at the warehouse and very tired. They ask for the days off and are given the time off. They both are very excited and can't wait. They haven't been able to spend much time with their girlfriends because of work and summer classes.

Inciting Incident-- Jay and Rich were at the bar the night before they were suppose to leave and got wasted. The day of their departure from Memphis to Brazil with their girlfriends they woke up an hour late. When they arrive, they find a plane to take and get to the terminal only to find that the whole terminal is filled with Zombies dressed in terrorist clothes.

Act II
What happens in Act II (Confrontation)?
Obstacles-- Jay and Rick look at each other and are in disbelief. They trip on their luggage. They get stuck on the escalators. They meet two other people that can help them. They lose the people while running. They get caught in a Zombie crowd and try to blend. They end up in the restroom all the way across the airport from their designated terminal.  
First Culmination-- Jay and Rick wait for a while and look to see if there are any signs of the Zombies. Coast seems clear so they head to the terminal.
Midpoint-- They reach the terminal. They notice that the terminal numbers were covered up and they are at the wrong one. Zombies start to walk by but don't notice them. They see a cart but it is not working. They both try to get it to work, but fail miserably. Jay being that he feels he can make anything was starting to question his self, Rick being that he is real strong still was useless and didn't help the situation. One of which Rick got bitten on his leg but didn't tell Jay about it.

Act III 
What happens in Act III (Resolution)?

Climax (Second Culmination)-- Both sad and loss of hope. the two people from earlier find there way back to Jay and Rick. It turns out that one is a CEO of a construction company and the other is a female personal trainer. Jay and Rick now have to decide whether they will swallow their prides and admit they need help or not let them help and face the Zombie horde that is closing on them.
Denouement-- Jay, Rick, the CEO, the female personal trainer and both the girlfriends are all on the beach enjoying the nice tropical climate and sipping on all kinds of drinks. Everything turned out great, Rick lost a leg and Jay is now happily engaged.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Character Breakdown

1. Character Functions
a) protagonist


2. Character Emotions
b) Empathy – the audience UNDERSTANDS the emotions that drive the character

3. Character Components
Views his self a handy man.
He is not very good at fixing things, but he likes to believe so.

4. Character Background
a) Memphis, TN

b) Working at a package handling warehouse

c) He is a little too dependent on his skills

d) He tries so hard, but just can't seem to get it right

e) I can make anything, give me a hammer and I'm your man

5. Character Objectives (Most Important!)
These are the main needs and wants of a character (what people want out of life)

To show his girlfriend how good of a man he is.


Be on the beach relaxing with his girlfriend and to be away from work.


Goes through a zombie infested airport and nearly dies just to get to his girlfriend in Brazil.

1. Character Functions

c) best friend


2. Character Emotions
b) Empathy – the audience UNDERSTANDS the emotions that drive the character

3. Character Components
If he feels like it can be used as a weight, he will lift it. Excessive exerciser

Has a well toned body, but indulges in a lot of cupcakes

4. Character Background
a) Memphis, TN

b) Working in a package handling warehouse with Jay

c) He is pretty cocky and doesn't take no for an answer

d) He can be quiet annoying at times

e) I can out lift Super Man

5. Character Objectives (Most Important!)
These are the main needs and wants of a character (what people want out of life)

To help his friend get to Brazil with his girl and try to pay more attention to his girl than his biceps.


To be on the beach lifting weights


He finds zombies and makes them come to him just so he can see how many he could lift.

1. Love interest
2. Antipathy
3. Wants nothing more than to just enjoy the company of her boyfriend Jay and their friends.


1. Love interest
2. Antipathy
3. Ready for a vacation and loves hanging with her friends and wants to get more attention from Rick.


1. comic relief
2. Empathy
3. Likes to tech his skills to others

Personal Trainer

1. comic relief
2. Empathy
3. Likes to pick on men who think they are strong

Zombie Terrorist

1. comic relief
2. Antipathy
3. All they want to do is be friends and to hug everyone they see, while having an uncontrollable hunger for brains

Flaw Brainstorm

First: Determine the flaw of your MC, then discover their story by asking the following:

1. Keeping the MC's flaw in mind, what is the worst situation they could find themselves in?

Jay – Believes he knows how to make anything. Finding his self in a situation where he needs to rely on someone else to tell him how to do something.

Rick – Believes he is the strongest guy on earth. Find his self in a situation where somebody does something better than him.

2. What is the first action your MC would take?

Jay – He would try to do something he has no clue about, but would make it seem like he can do it.

Rick – He would try to outdo the other person.

3. How might this action backfire?

Jay – Whatever he was trying to do would get messed up worse.

Rick – He would end up hurting his self in the process.

4. Who is the least likely person who might help the MC or team up with them?

Jay – A CEO of a construction company.

Rick – There would be a personal trainer that is a woman.

5. What new action might that person push the MC to take?

Jay – He might realize that he can’t make anything to help his situation.

Rick – Might lead him to think that he is weak and will start to not try hard anymore.

6. Who or what might get in the way of this new activity?

Jay – A lady is trapped in the bathroom by zombie terrorist.

Rick – A little girl stuck under a golf cart.

7. How might the flaw of the MC turn into a skill?

Jay – He spent all of his life making paper planes. He was so good he never thought of it as a skill, it was just natural.

Rick – He would always be there for anyone that was feeling at their lowest. He was a strong motivational speaker.

8. What surprising final action could be taken that is the least likely thing your character would have originally done?

Jay – Let somebody with more knowledge help him out.

Rick – Asking anyone for help.