Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Flaw Brainstorm

First: Determine the flaw of your MC, then discover their story by asking the following:

1. Keeping the MC's flaw in mind, what is the worst situation they could find themselves in?

Jay – Believes he knows how to make anything. Finding his self in a situation where he needs to rely on someone else to tell him how to do something.

Rick – Believes he is the strongest guy on earth. Find his self in a situation where somebody does something better than him.

2. What is the first action your MC would take?

Jay – He would try to do something he has no clue about, but would make it seem like he can do it.

Rick – He would try to outdo the other person.

3. How might this action backfire?

Jay – Whatever he was trying to do would get messed up worse.

Rick – He would end up hurting his self in the process.

4. Who is the least likely person who might help the MC or team up with them?

Jay – A CEO of a construction company.

Rick – There would be a personal trainer that is a woman.

5. What new action might that person push the MC to take?

Jay – He might realize that he can’t make anything to help his situation.

Rick – Might lead him to think that he is weak and will start to not try hard anymore.

6. Who or what might get in the way of this new activity?

Jay – A lady is trapped in the bathroom by zombie terrorist.

Rick – A little girl stuck under a golf cart.

7. How might the flaw of the MC turn into a skill?

Jay – He spent all of his life making paper planes. He was so good he never thought of it as a skill, it was just natural.

Rick – He would always be there for anyone that was feeling at their lowest. He was a strong motivational speaker.

8. What surprising final action could be taken that is the least likely thing your character would have originally done?

Jay – Let somebody with more knowledge help him out.

Rick – Asking anyone for help.

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