Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Hangover Script Analysis

The beginning of the story starts with them telling what is coming and then goes back to what happened and started. They wake up in a room not knowing what had happened. Their friend that was supposed to get married is lost. The middle of the story is where everything happens to them as they try to figure out where their friend is and what happened to them. The last of the story is when they find their friend and end up making it to his wedding on time.

The direction of the story starts off with them just trying to have a good time and have a bachelor’s party. The story is for them to find the groom in time so that he can make his wedding. All his friends have a drive to find him and look for clues as to what had happened the night before. Their friendship is keeping them together and helping them get through all of the situations that try to prevent them from succeeding.

From the start the momentum of the story is fast past. In the beginning they start them off in the desert saying that they messed up, and then from there they go into when they partied. It then slows down for a moment to show them waking up and not knowing what happened. Then speeds up when they go around the city trying to figure things out. Then it slows back down when they find their friend and ends everything happily.

There is a bit of subtext in the story. They all feel bad for not knowing what happened. One of the characters named Alan is kind of mental and just wanted them to have a good time, but ended up messing them up worse than he thought was going to happen. The characters feel like it’s their fault and make it their priority to make things right. There is a sense from the family of the wife that they aren't liked much and want them to fail.

This story shows a good balance in the direction the film is trying to go. It has a good shape and has a certain depth to it. It shows good momentum as well because of how it starts off in the middle of the action and then goes back and shows how they ended up in that situation and then all these events happen and they come out on top at the end.

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